This Musical Superstar Shares the Struggles and Secrets of Raising Two Strong Kids

We have a confession to make– out of all of the pop stars from the 1990s and 2000s, we love the one and only, Pink, a million times more than all of the others. In fact, we think she might just be the best pop star of her generation. Scandalous, right?

Now, before all of you Britney, Christina, and Beyoncé fans start coming at us with hateful comments, let us explain to you why we think she is the best…

First of all, the woman can sing; maybe she’s not as showy with her vocal skills as a couple of the aforementioned divas, but her voice is consistently good, especially live.

But, considerably underrated vocal stylings aside, Pink is also just a really, REALLY good role model. Sure, she may have flaunted her “bad girl” image at the beginning of her career, but she is an icon who has really grown into herself and found a way to mature into a powerful, uncompromising woman in a heavily male-dominated industry.

Pink recently proved this to be true during her eloquent 2017 Video Vanguard Award speech at the MTV Video Music Awards last year. In it, she described the perils of facing public scrutiny, but how it is, ultimately, so important for young girls and boys to not giving into the negativity that society so often preaches.

Since then, the 38-year-old mother of two has garnered a lot of attention from her VMAs speech. In fact, it has even helped her win the cover girl spot on People Magazine’s first-ever Beautiful Issue. Quite the honor!

On the cover, the singer is seen posing with her two lovely children, 6 1/2-year-old Willow Sage and 15-month-old Jameson Moon. Pink decided to share the cover spot in order to shine a spotlight on her parenting method and how she feels it is helping her raise strong children.

The singer says that she and her husband, motocross legend Carey Hart, are dead-set on ensuring that their little boy and girl don’t fall victim to gender stereotypes. Pink describes her husband as very “meat and potatoes” and “traditional,” but she says that works for them because he is also “very respectful and aware.” The mom reveals that he wants Willow to grow up to be “tough,” guidance that many girls don’t get from their fathers.

On the other hand, Pink says that she’s focused on allowing her baby boy, Jameson, to express his feelings in any way that he chooses, including crying, if he needs to.

Of course, Pink isn’t trying to be some child behavioral expert, at the end of the day, she just doesn’t want her children to “turn into monsters,” as she puts it. Talk about relatable, huh?!

To learn even more about the singer’s modern parenting style and to see plenty of pictures of her adorable family, be sure to watch the video below. This interview just made us love her even more!

What’s your take on Pink’s parenting technique? Is your’s similar? Who is your all-time favorite ’90s pop star?