Have you ever taken a photo that is just so perfectly-timed, you have to look at it twice just to make sure that your phone’s screen isn’t playing tricks on you? It’s happened once or twice to us when – full disclosure – we were chillin’ on Saturday night, snapping pics of our fur babies. Sometimes that PERFECT expression will cross our pooch’s face and we’ll scramble to share it on social media right away.

C’mon, we all do it, right?

To commemorate this curious and all-too-modern art form, we’ve scoured the web for the very best perfectly-timed photos we’ve seen yet. We ended up with 23 of these mind-bogglers–and boy, are they precious.

  1. The dog in the bubble

    If dogs had social media accounts, this pooch would be Insta-famous!

  2. B-ballers shoot a “solar eclipse”

    A basketball covering the sun’s rays or a view of an eclipse in the path of totality?

  3. The day the trampoline went into storage

    The expressions on her siblings’ faces say it all…

  4. Two lizards hold on for dear life

    Real-life footage of two reptiles re-enacting the end of Titanic.

  5. Yawning pup or chomping beast?

    For the sake of the little dog, we seriously hope it’s a “yawning pup!”

  6. Somewhere over the…

    …lightning bolt?!

  7. Bird eats a berry

    This high-flyer makes sure that even her dinner gets “air-time”!

  8. An angel reveals her wings

    We knew angels could fly, but we didn’t know they could text!

  9. Squirrel hunts down a peanut

    Footage of the rare “pit bull squirrel.”

  10. A googly-eyed feline

    We think the cat-lover who pulled this off deserves quite the prize!

  11. A babe shows off his hook

    Just kidding! It’s just a kiddo flexing his muscles in front of another cheesing tot!

  12. Siddhartha nabs an airplane

    He grabbed this plane right by its tail!

  13. Giraffe nabs an airplane

    We weren’t surprised that Siddhartha could stop a flying machine, but we are surprised that a giraffe could do it!

  14. A perfectly-folded wave

    A crashing wave or a massive taquito? We may never know!

  15. Stuck in the middle with you

    Geez, Goldens— get a room!

  16. A sliding door can change everything

    Someone didn’t think this design through…

  17. An itty-bitty fireball explodes

    Nothing looks cooler than a lighter igniting. Ooooh! Ahhhh!

  18. Baby King Kong eats a beachgoer

    Someone get that monster off the beach!

  19. Behold, the majestic two-headed goat

    Double the goat, double the fun!

  20. A daredevil upstaged

    We don’t know what’s scarier— the man precariously standing on the ledge or the massive bolt of lightning behind him!

  21. A woman cut into two

    What do you think her job title is? Our vote is: Magician’s Assistant!

  22. “Footprints in the Sand”– the remix

    Do you see it now?

  23. A cylindrical view of a Venice canal

    What we wouldn’t give to float through one of those tunnels of love!

See what we mean?! We can’t wait to hear all about your thoughts on these perfectly-timed photos. Which one is your favorite? Do you have another viral photo that you would like to share? Have you taken one yourself?