11 Pictures Hilariously Capture the Truth of Family Life

Pic of couple sleeping and family crowding bed.TipHero

There’s an assumption that life can get boring and predictable once you become a parent, and though it’s true that things change, it’s hardly ever dull.

Sure, things are different. And it’s true that you can’t ever imagine your life without Junior and little Bella running around, but the memories of what it was like to have a clean car interior or late mornings will either make you laugh or make you feel old. You’ve finally accepted life in the mom or dad lane.

Here today we’re going to help you celebrate both the joys of parenting and the days of your non-parent past. Remember how life was before your family grew? Hold on to that. Your mind will wander to places like your wardrobe, shopping habits, and inner resolve.

  1. There Are No Limits

    No one ever told you that having kids would mean letting go of all your booger taboos and your expectation of having clean walls.

  2. Wining & Dining Out

    11 Pictures Hilariously Capture the Truth of Family LifeTipHero

    Before having children, dining out was a peaceful affair where you could order whatever wine, dinner, and dessert you wanted. After expanding your brood, it’s all about food-proofing the restaurant floor, saying “only butter on her noodles”, and shooting your little pumpkins “the look” from across the table.

  3. Family Meals at Home

    11 Pictures Hilariously Capture the Truth of Family LifeTipHero

    Speaking of dining, mealtime could be a relaxing endeavor meant for nourishing the body while catching up. How many times has it been a sport?

  4. At Home He’s an Angel

    It’s when he’s out that he’s really on his “best” behavior.

  5. The Takeover

    11 Pictures Hilariously Capture the Truth of Family LifeTipHero

    Once upon a time, your dresser was either nearly bare or contained fun, grownup stuff. Now, it is the official headquarters for an assortment of baby teeth, sippy cups, broken crayons, and treats you’ve hidden for yourself because you don’t want the kids to eat them.

  6. Shop Like You Want To

    A trip to the store could be organized and peaceful. But it’s really this struggle. . .

  7. Dreamy Nights

    family coupleTipHero

    Going to bed was once a blissful experience full of sweet moments with your honey. For the past few years, here’s what the bed has looked like when you wake up. . .

  8. Everything Has Its Place

    11 Pictures Hilariously Capture the Truth of Family LifeTipHero

    Every object in your home had its own purpose many moons ago – the toilet, the bathtub, the dog, the bookcase. These same objects are now either weapons of mass destruction or victims of it.

  9. Vacays Are Nice

    Family vacations should be a time for sharing, laughter, and wholesome fun— until sibling politics take over.

  10. You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

    11 Pictures Hilariously Capture the Truth of Family LifeTipHero

    Remember when bathroom time was a solo endeavor? Us too. Now you contend with a toddler stalking you or a small army that’s gathered outside the door demanding food, money, or the whereabouts of their belongings.

  11. The Perfect Shot

    When it’s family picture day, you have everything perfectly planned out in your mind. And then it’s time. . .

Never a dull moment and never a day off, family life is full of weirdness, chaos, fun, and love. Would you trade any of this for the world?

Can you relate to any of these situations? What the funniest way your life has changed since settling into a family routine?