Scrambled eggs might be one of the most basic of dishes – I think it was the first one I ever learned to make! – but there are so many varieties out there that sometimes this humble staple can seem a little complicated.

Everybody has an opinion as to how to make the “perfect” scrambled eggs, don’t they? Some people like chives in theirs; other people enjoy shredded cheese. Still others like to mix theirs up with crumbled bacon, while others love adding all of the spices. What all cooking professionals seem to agree upon, however, is that the best eggs are creamy, and the best way to get those eggs is to cook them “low-and-slow” style. Only one problem— those of us with day jobs need our eggs quick!

Do we have to sacrifice style and flavor for speed? Not anymore, thanks to this secret from Food52 that promises perfect custardy eggs in 15 seconds using just one addition: cornstarch.

It makes sense when you think about it, right? After all, cornstarch is a popular egg-substitute for vegans, and its entire purpose for all other recipes is as a thickening agent. Adding cornstarch to your eggs prevents them from drying up and getting too tough as you quickly stir them over high heat. It basically rescues the eggs from the effects of over-cooking them! So you can totally get the “low and slow” feel without needing to take 15 minutes to cook them. All you need now is 15 seconds and some cornstarch! And if you don’t have cornstarch, are allergic to corn, or just don’t like the stuff? Potato starch works just as well!

If you want an exact recipe, Food52 recommends this one from Lady and Pups. Not only does it use cornstarch to delicious effect, it also uses butter and milk for an even creamier treat. Be sure to check out Food52’s original post for more information on the science of why cornstarch works, then tell us— did you know this trick already?

Do you love the low-and-slow method, or do quickly-made eggs taste just fine to you?