Wondering why certain TV shows attract your kids like magnets and others don’t? While you think they’re just singing along with theme songs and uttering their characters’ catchphrases, their personalities are being expressed – even if it’s just a little bit.

It’s more than liking the animation or the music. It’s absorbing who’s in the show, their mannerisms, tone, and behavior. Like adults, children can connect with characters if they see some part of themselves reflected. For some parents, it’s either encouraging or frightening. One show that’s been in parents’ scopes lately is Peppa Pig.

Poor Peppa Pig has gained some notoriety lately with her antics. She’s sassy, outspoken, and doesn’t always display good manners. Some would call her mean. On the flip side, the girl likes to try to new things and have fun. And toddlers love her.

So, if your child digs the TV show Peppa Pig, what does it say about his/her young personality? Your kid probably isn’t afraid to assert herself when it comes to expressing her opinion, self-acquired knowledge, or boisterous side. She may also have a small obsession with muddy puddles.

She likes to go first and get ahead of things, staking her claim as the wisest of the bunch (which may or may not be implied). And boy, does this child have the gift of gab. Thus is the effect of Peppa.

Keep in mind this is all in good fun. And it’s not so much the show that is influencing your child’s personality (though it can influence the behavior), but more what their tastes say about them at a young age.

Although Peppa Pig has been dividing parents for a couple of years now, you might find that your child’s favorite show is something different. If your kiddos are drawn to other characters or multiple shows, that’s a good thing.

For example, not everyone is into Doc McStuffins, but if you have a child who is, he may be sensitive to the needs of others – perhaps even intuitive – and loves helping out and taking care of people and animals.

Numerous studies have been done on book, TV show, and film preferences and their correlation to personality traits. Incidentally, the last large study that examined personality types and TV show preferences was done in 2010 by Mindset Media.

The viewing habits and preferences of 25,000 adults were studied for advertising purposes, but the results revealed common characteristics of people based on what they watched. For instance, Family Guy fans tended to be rebels and risk takers, so certain brands would appeal to them more than others.

As far as Peppa Pig and her big personality,  parents warn that her behavior can sometimes be rude, so keep a close eye and ear on what your child is watching. Parenting experts and TV watchdogs advise parents to join their children while they’re watching it so you can discuss why the piggy speaks and behaves in a way that may be less agreeable.

Only then can you hash out all the qualities in this popular character before deciding whether to ban her presence in your home altogether like one mom did. If you’re lucky, your kids are into other shows, too, that may clue you in on the type of person they’ll shape up to be.

What are your thoughts on Peppa? Did you know tastes in TV shows, books, and movies could tell about one’s personality? Which shows are your kids’ favorites?

Daily Mail