There are so many rules in life, sometimes we just can’t handle them all. You know, things like “wear clothes in public” and “do your job.” We salute those go-getters who say “forget the rules!” and follow the beat of their own drum.

Take this cast of characters. Here are 17 hilarious photos of people who refuse to bow to our expectations. Sure, some of these might look like epic fails, but they get a win in the “I did it my way” category. To each his own, they say!

  1. The Sharp-Shooting Son

    We’d say this boy has a lot of explaining to do, but judging by the look on his father’s face, we’re guessing dad had something to do with this unfortunate accident.

  2. The Shirtless Sandwich Artist

    Inspiration strikes, and that 5 dollar footlong must be made. Even if you didn’t have time to dress first.

  3. The Irish Anarchist

    For those times when you just want to say “Why not?”

  4. The Savvy Shopper

    Sometimes you just don’t want to adult anymore. And if that time comes in the middle of the dairy section, what else can you do?

  5. The Geriatric Drinker

    A martini a day keeps the doctor away, we’re told, and this woman is out to prove it.

  6. The Carefree Film Fan

    We won’t fault her for getting creative on her quest to find the perfect movie. Maybe it was laundry day!

  7. The Slumbering Student

    We know, the academic life is sooooo tough. Clearly, this young scholar has been studying so hard that the only place he can catch up on some shut-eye is on the lecture hall floor.

  8. The Professor in Pajamas

    Proof that the academic life is hard on the profs, too. Now you can compliment his fashion choices as well as his brilliant mind.

  9. The Lonely Lover

    Like Juliette waiting for her Romeo, she’s stolen our hearts, too.

  10. The Attentive Assistant

    We’ve all suspected this is the case when we’re standing in the customer service line, and now we have proof.

  11. The Blank Slate Billboard

    This one comes from Australia. Clearly someone on the tourism advisory board is winning at their job.

  12. The Flooded Feast

    A minor thing like 4 feet of water is no reason to stop them from having their lunch break.

  13. The YOLO Yogi

    Yoga’s all about finding inner peace. This guy is just one step ahead of the pack, that’s all.

  14. The No Rush Nana

    When you reach her age, you can do what you want, too. Everyone else will just have to wait.

  15. The Pony Riding Papa

    Can’t you tell that this Grandpa is having the time of his life?

  16. The Footlose Friend

    A teensy little hole in his shoe won’t stop this determined drifter.

  17. The Noming Neighbor

    Apparently this kid, Carter, walked right up to his neighbor’s front door, asked for a banana, and left. Way to go, Carter, for knowing exactly what you want out of life, then going out and getting it.

We’re proud to share this list of people who inspire us to be ourselves. Human nature is really something to marvel at! Do you have any hilarious stories of “unique” individuals to share?