We all know that hanging a few pegboards in the garage can help add some useful space, but did you know that they work as wonderful organizational tools in just about every room? Here is a list of some of our all-time favorite DIY pegboard projects. You won’t believe how easily they can help you stay organized!

  1. Mudroom Pegboard

    mudroom pegboardHGTV

    This is a great way to keep all of your “miscellaneous stuff” that usually ends up scattered around a mudroom or basement. If you arrange the items so that they are actually easy to get to, you may actually pick them up and use them every once in a while!

  2. Kitchenware Pegboard

    cooking ware pegboardA Beautiful Mess

    Searching for an economical way to create more space in your kitchen? If so, then look no further! Add a pegboard to any free wall and use it as a space to hang all of your culinary must-haves.

  3. Cabinet Pegboard

    cabinet pegboardShareably

    If you’re relying on placing your keys, chargers, or other important items in a junk drawer, then we bet you end up doing a lot of digging! Instead, tack a small pegboard to the inside of an easily-accessible cabinet. It’s a great way to avoid some early-morning drama!

  4. Tool Storage Pegboard

    tool storageShareably

    We know, we know, you may already be using a pegboard as tool storage, but if you’re not, you are definitely missing out! It’s a seriously great way to put your prized tools on display.

  5. Laundry Room Pegboard

    laundry room pegboardOrganizing Made Fun

    The laundry room is most definitely an area that can fall into disarray quickly. Adding a pegboard onto an empty wall will give you the freedom to actually wash and fold without working around errant items.

  6. Craft Pegboard

    craft pegboardGinger Snap Crafts

    Pegboards were practically made to handle the needs of crafting enthusiasts. Hang your scissors, ribbon, yarn, tape, wrapping paper— the possibilities are endless!

  7. Nightlight Pegboard

    nightlight pegboardStyle By Emily Henderson

    So, this isn’t technically an organizational tool, but we thought that this nightlight pegboard was just so darn cute that we had to add it to the list!

  8. Keepsake Pegboard

    keepsake pegboardLay Baby Lay

    Displaying keepsakes can be tricky business, especially if you’re more of a minimalist. So, if you have smaller items, like shown in the above photo, consider tacking them to a pegboard. It will ensure that your most loved items are where they should be: front and center!

  9. Headboard Pegboard

    pegboard headboardSugar and Cloth

    If you’re one of the many who can’t quite fit everything they need for bedtime into a nightstand, consider swapping out your traditional headboard for a pegboard. Smart!

  10. Bookshelf Pegboard

    bookshelf pegboardcore77

    We’re guessing that you probably wouldn’t want to hang your first editions like this, but any big, floppy books or magazines are safe to place on one of these unique bookshelves.

  11. Sports Equipment Pegboard

    pegboard sportsClean and Scentsible

    This project requires a bit more of a heavy-duty pegboard, but the results are definitely worth the higher costs. Just think, you can have access to heavy items like bikes, bats, and gym bags without having to store them in dangerous overhead rafters.

  12. Classroom Pegboard

    classroom pegboardHome Edit

    Teachers are usually big fans of this material because it allows little ones to easily access their tools without wasting precious classroom space. Super helpful!

  13. Accessory Pegboard

    accessory pegboardHome Edit

    Sure, there are plenty of DIY options when it comes to accessory organization, but this one most definitely takes up the least amount of space. Hang your scarves, necklaces, and other stylish items with ease!

To gain some even more exciting pegboard organization inspiration, be sure to read Shareably’s article here.

What do you think of our ultimate pegboard list? Are you a fan of pegboards? How do you like to use them? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!