If you like to mince your own garlic, you know that all that flavor comes at an annoying price: peeling your garlic. It’s a royal pain in the neck. If you use garlic on a daily basis but you’re fed up with peeling those little guys, you need to check out these three easy methods. With these three simple techniques, you can get your garlic peeled quickly – and the quicker you peel it, the quicker you can enjoy it in your meal! Watch the video below to see how you can hack your garlic.

There’s no need to dread using garlic with these simple techniques! You can still have all that zesty garlic flavor in your cooking with none of the peeling hassle.


For this technique, start by laying a knife blade onto your clove of garlic, with the sharp edge facing away from you. Use your palm to crush the garlic with the blade, breaking the peel.

The only downside to this method is that you may break your garlic, which may not work for some recipes.


If you’re looking to peel multiple cloves at once, put them in the microwave first. You can put five or six pieces on a plate and heat them up for about 20 seconds.

When it’s time to peel, the peels will come right off!


Yes, these actually exist! And they are like magic. America’s Test Kitchen suggests Zak’s Professional E-Z Garlic Peeler for their chosen peeler.

All you have to do is put the garlic in the tube and roll it around, applying some pressure to the garlic. When you dump the garlic out, the peel will have fallen off. Like we said, magic.

What do you think of these techniques? Do you peel garlic in a different way? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.