Do you dream of having a pool and patio at your house but don’t have room for both? You’ll want to see this brilliant backyard design. This man has done something amazing: he’s built a patio that transforms into a pool. And not any old pool – with a click of a button this patio can turn into THREE different pools! It’s absolutely amazing. Watch the video below to see the amazing backyard creation for yourself.

What starts looking like a regular stone patio area slowly starts to sink with the click of a button. It lowers so that it’s a shallow height – an ideal kiddie pool! With another press of a button, the patio sinks a little lower and turns into a wading pool. With a final click, the patio sinks deeper for a full-sized, adult pool.

Amazing. I have never seen anything like this! You can easily transform this pool to cater to whoever you have over, keeping kids safe and adults entertained.

And we haven’t even mentioned the best part! At the end of the video, we see that the patio can be raised all the way back up and the center can be used as a bonfire. Seriously?! Unbelievable.

Talk about entertaining your friends! If you had a pool/patio creation like this, your house would officially be THE party house.