There’s passive-aggressive, and then there’s passive-aggressive. And we’re not going to lie, it’s pretty entertaining when people are passive-aggressive, especially publicly. You know, when someone is being particularly hostile to someone, but in an avoidant way…and someone comes right back at them with a taste of their own medicine.

Not sure what we mean? Behold, 13 people that took passive-aggressive behavior to a whole new level.

  1. This Pissed-Off Partner

  2. This Piece of “Friendly Advice”

  3. This Person Who Saw a Car Badly Parked

  4. This Germaphobe Sign Maker

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  5. This Rude Fitness App

  6. The Neighbor Who’s So Over Dog Poop

  7. This Ironic Sign at a High-End School

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  8. This Irritated Tenant (And Maintenance Person)

  9. This Annoyed Girlfriend

  10. This Very Judgey Church Sign

  11. This High-Quality Art

  12. This Banana Hater

  13. This Sign War

How funny are these passive-aggressive photos? Would you ever do something like this?