Feather Pulled From Baby Mya’s Neck by Doctors

Out of the blue, little 7-month-old Mya Whittington’s neck below her jaw swelled to the size of a golf ball. Her mother rushed her to the emergency room at the local hospital in Hutchinson, Kansas. Doctors evaluated her neck and figured it was a swollen gland. They sent Mya and her mom home.

The next day, Mya’s parents noticed that her neck was worse, as it was larger and had a pimple sticking out of it. The Whittingtons went back to the hospital. They thought they might need to go to a larger hospital in Wichita.

But then something happened that amazed Mya’s parents and the doctors and nurses attending to her. What had started as a pimple grew into a much larger protrusion, at which point the attending pediatrician grabbed the end and pulled a feather out of little Mya’s neck!

The swelling went down and Mya ended up recovering fully.

Nobody is certain how this happened. The best guess is that Mya swallowed the feather, it got stuck in her throat, and her body rejected it, forcing it out of her body through the wall of her throat and out through her neck. Pretty crazy!

Great to hear that Mya is fine and that there appear to be no long term consequences — just an amazing story to tell for years to come!

Check out some footage and the parents description of the drama below.