Are You One of the Few Who Can Spot the Panda in This Viral Visual Puzzle?

We have something rather embarrassing to admit: We are terrible at brain teasers! Whether they are hidden messages in photos or scrambled words in a game of Boggle, let’s just say it takes us ‘longer than average’ to solve these types of puzzles. So, when we first came across this new eye trickery du jour, we knew that it would take us a while—and it did!

You see, the whole concept behind this particular mental riddle is whether or not the viewer can spot the hidden panda amongst a sea of snowmen. It seems like a relatively simple task on the surface, but once our eyes began scanning the rows of Frostys, we knew we were in trouble.

The placement of the coal buttons makes it appear as if practically ANY of these guys could be the elusive panda. You’ll see that there is some variation in clothing and colors going on from snowman to snowman, but for us, the verdict is still out as to whether it helps or hurts the situation!

This exceptionally challenging brain game was created by artist Gergely Dudas-Dudolf, a young Hungarian illustrator who has actually managed to build quite the fan base from posting his colorful pictures.

Since sharing this particular beautiful conundrum with the masses, he has amassed an impressive social media following, with hundreds of thousands awaiting his next teasing pictures.

As a matter of fact, his unique illustration style has even landed him a book deal with none other than publishing behemoth, HarperCollins. His first book, entitled Bear’s Merry Book of Hidden Things is set to be released on September 19th. Boy, do we love Internet success stories!

How we FINALLY solved this crazy hard puzzle

Because we simply couldn’t get our eyes to work with us on this one, we decided to make things a little bit easier on ourselves by splitting the image in half.

We know, we know, using the powers of technology to give ourselves a leg up on this visual manipulation PROBABLY goes against the rules, but trust us when we say that we didn’t care—we had to find that panda!

Once we split the image horizontally, we examined each one. We’ll call this top part ‘Image A’…

…and the bottom ‘Image B’.

After a couple more minutes of eye straining and silent swears, we were ready to throw in the towel…until…WE FINALLY FOUND IT.

Ok, so we may have freaked out a neighbor or two when we literally screamed out loud: “There’s that panda!”, but, honestly, we couldn’t care less what Ms. Thomas down the street thought. We had finally found the furry little fellow, which meant we could now give our eyes a well-deserved break.

Now that we’ve come down from the high, we just have one question to ask you: Have YOU found the panda yet?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this viral brain teaser. How long did it take you to solve it? Have you yet to find the panda? What is your all-time favorite visual puzzle?