You’ll Never Make Pancakes the Same Way Again

Next to perfecting the flip, what would you say the trickiest thing about making pancakes? There might be several contenders, but we think it’s definitely keeping them all the same size and getting the batter into that tempting circle without making a huge mess. Is it the worst thing in life? No. Does it hurt to make it easier if we can? Also no— and that’s where Handimania comes in! Not only are they demonstrating the way they keep pancake batter nice, contained, and pouring out evenly, they’re showing us the simplest, most efficient way to mix up the batter at the same time. Check out how clever this trick is!

Of course, what’s great about this hack is that it works for YOUR recipes; the trick is all in how you pour it. If you want to make the exact ones Handimania makes in this video, then . . .

You’ll Need

– A glass of flour
– 2 spoons of sugar
– 2 teaspoons of baking powder
– A pinch of salt
– 2 spoons of oil
– 1 egg
– A glass of milk
– A glass of flour
– A spoon of sugar
– A pinch of salt
– 2 spoons of oil
– 2 eggs
– 2 glasses of milk

So smart and easy! Have you heard of this trick before? What is your favorite pancake or crêpe recipe?