The Easiest Way to Paint the Nails on Your Dominant Hand

We all know this struggle: you’re in the middle of a perfect at-home manicure, when you realize it’s time to switch and paint your dominant hand. The one little problem with that? Painting your dominant hand means your non-dominant hand is in charge, and there is no way that can end well for your manicure. Say goodbye to this common mani-mishap by using this simple technique! These tricks will keep things from getting messy and leave you with flawless nails. Watch the video below to see how you can get the salon-quality manicure you’re craving.

Painting your nails at home is a wonderful thing. It’s inexpensive, relatively simple, allows you to pick from your personal polishes, and it can be downright therapeutic, if you ask me.

But what’s not therapeutic is painting the entire tip of your finger red because your non-dominant hand wasn’t up to the task.

Well, no more. We have the tricks to your perfect polish for BOTH hands.

How To Paint Your Dominant Hand

STEP 1: Start with a base coat. Spin the brush in the bottle neck to make the brush skinny and round. You’ll start by painting the tips of your nails; hold the brush steady at one side of your nail and MOVE YOUR NAIL both ways to coat the tip.
STEP 2: To paint your nail with base coat, make your brush flat again. Then start at your cuticle line and pull your finger back to create strokes. Try to do one to two middle strokes, and then a stroke on each side.
STEP 3: On to your color polish! Wipe one side of your brush halfway down and the other side of your brush completely down, so you’ll have one dot of polish on one side of your brush. Clean off all excess polish from the stick part of the brush.
STEP 4: Repeat the exact steps from the base coat to apply the color polish to your nail.
STEP 5: Repeat the same steps for the top coat and let dry.
STEP 6: Take a toothpick or wooden nail stick and wrap it in some cotton ball fibers. Dip this in nail polish remover then very carefully trace the lines around your cuticle to get really sharp polish lines. You can also use this to fix any mistakes, like polish on your skin.

It’s that simple – your dominant hand truly does all the work for you! Your non-dominant hand just has to hold the brush still while your fingers move.

PRO TIP: When you’re getting the sides of your nail, make sure to rotate your finger each way so that the polish fills your whole nail. And when dealing with color polish, make sure you stop from time to time and change the angle of your finger so you can get the cleanest lines around your cuticle.

What do you think of this nail technique? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.