Now that the weather is lovely, you’ll want to be spending as much of your time outside as possible. Preferably with friends and family, of course! To get your backyard spruced up so it’s ready for your backyard barbecues and patio brunches, you’ll want to add some funky focal points to make your yard pop. This outdoor mural, for instance, is a simple way to take a bland picket fence from boring to beautiful in minutes! This DIY is so easy to replicate and you can add this little flare to your yard for next to nothing. Watch the video below to find out how!

Now, you can use whatever pattern and colors you like. Pick something that makes you smile when you look at it! And we also suggest opting for some extra bright, fun summer colors – but that’s just us.

First, you’ll want to find that design you love. Send it to the local copy store to get it blown up to whatever size you want. Then, we’ll use chalk to imprint the design onto your wooden fence!

You’ll need the following tools to get this done right:

– Printed design
– Chalk
– Painter’s tape
– Pencil
– Exterior paint (any colors)
– Sandpaper

1. Flip over the design and cover it with chalk. Shake off excess dust once the back of the design is completely covered.
2. Use painter’s tape to tape the design onto the area of your fence you want jazzed up.
3. Use a pencil to trace the entire design. When you pull the paper away, the design should be traced (in chalk) on the wood.
4. Using exterior paint, paint in the design with any colors you’d like.
5. To rough the design up a little, use sandpaper over the whole thing for an added rustic feel.

You can use this design as many times as you want to take up as much of your fence as you want! It can be as big or small of a focal point as you want – but either way, this DIY will spruce up your backyard instantly!

What do you think of this outdoor project? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.