Have you every wondered why it’s so difficult to keep your linen closet clean? We’re going to venture a guess that it has something to do with your fitted sheet. These sheets are already the bane of your existence when it comes to folding them correctly, but now their messy girth is messing up the amazing organizational system you had going for your linen closet! They must be stopped. And the best way to do that is to learn how to fold your fitted sheet correctly. Scary, we know. But with the helpful tutorial below, you can overcome your fitted sheets and make your linen closet look like a dream!

It might seem like a daunting challenge to fold your fitted sheets, but it’s much easier than you’d think! And once you’re done, you’ll have taken your linen closet to a whole new level of organized, we guarantee it.

For perfectly folded fitted sheets, here’s what you’ll need to do:

STEP 1: Take two corners of your fitted sheet, putting your index finger in each corner.
STEP 2: Touch your fingers. Now flip the fabric from the left side over to the right side.
STEP 3: Switch the fabric to your left hand and shake it out.
STEP 4: Find that third corner and tuck it up into the other two corners in your right hand. Repeat with the fourth corner.
STEP 5: Now you have a nice square to work with! Place it on a table and smooth it out.
STEP 6: Fold the sheet into thirds.
STEP 7: Fold the sheet in half.
STEP 8: Store your sheet with your other linens.

The best way to store your linens together is by tucking them inside one another. Once your fitted sheet is compact, place it with your other sheets and put everything inside your pillowcase. This way, you have all like sheets together in one organized place.

What do you think of this tutorial? Will your linen closet look amazingly clean now that you’ve conquered your fitted sheets? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.