No one likes to do laundry. It is, quite literally, a chore that takes so much time out your productive week. So, if you’re a laundry procrastinator, you may let things build up in your laundry room area, causing clutter. And the only thing worse than doing laundry is doing laundry in a cluttered and unorganized space. So Veri Keri and some other YouTube superstars collaborated to create a video series – a beginner’s guide to sprucing up and organizing your laundry room! The best part? They only used Dollar Store items in all their crafts! Check out Keri’s contribution to the series below.

The video above is Veri Keri’s contribution to the collaboration, and she is bringing us a way to make laundry more glamorous and more fun! Let’s face it, you’re more likely to get in there and get your laundry done if you’re inspired by the space.

What Keri decided to do was to go with a fun theme – celebrating! And what better what to celebrate than at a bar? A laundry bar, that is.

Using vintage-looking containers and handy chalk labels, Keri organized her entire laundry room space into a super trendy “bar” area. And like we said, everything she uses in the video can be found at a Dollar Store or Dollar Tree for next to nothing.

We love the containers she uses for bleach and fabric softener! And her rustic little “menu” which details how to get rid of common stains (listed as drink names) is an AMAZING idea.

What are you waiting for?! Make laundry day a lot more fun with these revamped laundry room ideas.

Interested to see what the other YouTubers had to say about their laundry organization? Keri has linked all of their videos in her video description for you to explore!