How To Organize Your Canned Goods

The last place you need to be cluttered is your cabinet! My logic? You need to access your food as quickly as possible, obviously. Priorities people. In all seriousness, it’s great to have canned goods around the house – they’re great to donate or for a quick meal at home – but they can really clutter up your closet. If you’re swimming in canned goods and can’t take the stacks of cans falling all over the place anymore, check out this very simple solution, brought to us by Elisa Bernick.

The answer? Wire shelving. These wire shelves are perfect to keep your canned goods organized – you’ll always be able to find the exact can you’re looking for, instead of emptying out your whole closet.

This project is also a fairly easy and cheap DIY that you can spend an afternoon finishing up! Here’s what you’ll need to do:

– Wire shelving
– Hack saw or bolt cutters
– Screws

STEP 1: Measure the bottom of your cabinet.
STEP 2: Using saw or cutters, cut the wire shelving a 1/2 inch shorter.
STEP 3: For bottom racks, you can wedge the shelf right in place.
STEP 4: For a rack that’s higher in your cabinet, drill two screw holes into the back of the face frame of the cabinet and put in screws. Leave 3/4 inch of the screw hanging out to sit your rack on.
STEP 5: Slide the wire shelves up and place them on the screws.
STEP 6: Fill your racks with canned goods!