Organic Food for Less

While you may be able to live a healthier lifestyle by eating organic food, the cost of the food is not very budget friendly. Erik Folgate, a guest blogger at The Digerati Life, is very careful about the food he buys, paying special attention to how it’s been prepared, how it’s being raised and where it’s coming from. He does this, however, with an eye for savings.

Here are some ideas for how to eat well for less:

  1. Look for options at your regular supermarket first: many supermarkets stock organic alternatives that could be cheaper than Whole Foods and other premium supermarkets, who generally sell organic food for 20% to 30% more.
  2. Join a food co-op: check online to see what kind of co-ops are available in your area. You can buy your meats in bulk and freeze the extra to use for the next couple of months.
  3. Buy only the organic foods that are most important to you: Erik and his wife only buy organic meats and dairy because those are the most important to them ethically. Pick and choose to save money, because buying everything organic with definitely cost you.

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