We all have people on our holiday shopping list that are hard to buy for. They either seem to have everything, or we don’t know them well enough to know what they really like or need. This year, we think we stumbled across the perfect gift for just that type of gift giving situation.

The Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set.

You’re probably like, the Oreo what now? Before we describe this set, let’s just all admit that pretty much everyone likes Oreos. Unless you have a gluten intolerance or a weird aversion to chocolate cookies, what’s not to like?

One of the things that makes Oreos so amazing is that there are so many different ways to eat them. You can take a bite like a normal cookie. You can twist the cookies apart and lick the frosting part first. You can do any sort of combination of the two techniques. We’ve been known to stick a whole cookie in our mouth.

So, if you love Oreos and we love Oreos, chances are that hard to buy for person on your list loves Oreos too, but it’d look kind of weird to wrap up a regular package of Oreos, put a bow on it and give it as a gift.

That’s where the Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set comes in. That’s another way to eat an Oreo – to dunk it in a glass of milk, because cookies and milk are a match made in heaven, after all.

The set includes 2 glass mugs. Each one features a picture of an Oreo on it. The set also includes 13 Oreo cookies, 2 cookie tongs, 2 napkins and 2 cookie cages. These “cookie cages” are perfectly sized to hold the Oreo cookies, and they hook onto the included glasses, holding your cookies right where you want them.

The idea behind this gift is a mess-free way to enjoy dunking Oreo cookies. No more cookies lost at the bottom of your cup. No more cookie crumbs floating in your milk. No more milk covered fingers from fishing out the lost Oreos. Simply fill a glass up with milk, attach a cookie cage, fill the cookie cage with cookies and use the included tongs to dunk the cookies in the milk. Viola. The perfect gift.

While we’re pretty sure anyone we gave this gift to would smile and go home and use it that very night, we won’t judge if you buy one for yourself.

Watch the video below to see more details about this gift set.

You can pick up the Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set in stores like Walmart for $17.98 or on Amazon.

How do you eat your Oreos? Who would you buy this gift set for?