Oprah Shares a Major Secret for Thriving in Life

The video above is a clip of a great interview that Oprah did with Arianna, 63-year-old author of Thrive.

I did a life audit when I was 40,” Arianna, now 63, tells Oprah. “I just looked through all the projects that I thought I was going to do — including becoming a good skier, learning to cook, learning German… — and realized I’m never going to do that. I’m never going to become a good skier. So, I actually gave them up.

When she dropped those projects that she knew she would complete and that weren’t necessarily important components of a happy life for her, she was actually more liberated, and then able to put her energy into what really matters.

Have any of you Tip Heroes ever done a “life audit?” Could you benefit from doing some trimming in your life?

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