People Are Truly Baffled By the Idea of an ‘Open-Concept Bathroom’

Open-concept floorplans are nothing new when it comes to home design. The style usually refers to the main living space in a home such as combining the kitchen, living room and dining room into one big space. This style can make a living area flow better, feel bigger and prevent whoever happens to be cooking to feel closed off from the rest of the family.

We’re all for open-concept living areas, but there’s a new part of the home where “open-concept” seems to be taking things a little bit too far. We’re talking about the bathroom.

Imagine walking into a home and seeing a bathroom with no walls. In some cases, the shower doesn’t even have a glass wall separating it from the bedroom or the rest of the living space. The toilet is right there out in the open. No. Walls.

Many people are walking into open houses and discovering exactly what we just described. The open-concept bathroom trend is real, but it’s not very popular.

There is currently a condo for sale in Boston with an open-concept bathroom in the master bedroom. The bathroom is completely open to the rest of the bedroom. In this case, the shower is separated with glass walls and a glass door, but still, we hardly think that’s enough. The toilet does not have any sort of privacy either. It seems highly unusual at best.


The listing agent, Robert Nichols, was pretty surprised when he saw the open-concept bathroom for the first time. So far, when he has shown the house to potential buyers, they have had a hard time picturing themselves living in a home with a bathroom like this. If it comes to it, his firm is willing to rebuild the bathroom wall and door for the right buyer.

Don’t think that open-concept bathrooms are new for 2021. Another home with a similar bathroom set-up in the master bedroom went on the market in 2019. The listing agent tried to make the unusual bathroom a selling point by writing, “Master suite includes full-size walk-in closet and open-concept bathroom area!!!!” Personally, we’d rather have an open-concept closet than an open-concept bathroom.

Twitter users have been making fun of this bathroom design and pointing out the obvious drawbacks.

Could you ever picture yourself living in a home with an open-concept bathroom? Do you think the open-concept bathroom trend will become more popular or less popular over time?