If you love a good oldie in terms of video games, then it is possible you’re sitting on top of a stash, right? When Nintendo revived its NES Classic console back in 2016, it sold out, but also brought back memories of its heyday in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.

Earlier this year, the NES and SNES were re-released by Nintendo with preloaded games, but that hasn’t stopped collectors from wanting to build up their game piles. That means if you have any old, rare Nintendo cartridges, they could be worth more than a couple of bucks.

We mean more than what Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt are worth today. Below is a short list of games that are commanding top dollar. Check your basement to see if you have any of these gems and think about selling them online.

  1. Bonk’s Adventure

    Worth right under $500, Bonk’s Adventure (1993) was launched late in the life of the gaming system and in limited quantities. Do you have one?

  2. DuckTales Gold (NES)

    This game was sent out as a promotional item in 2013, and only 150 copies were created. Some people are willing to pay up to $1,300.

  3. Donkey Kong Country Competition (SNES)

    What makes this game rare and valuable is that is was used as part of a 1994 finals championship and afterwards was sold through a catalog. Only a limited amount were made available.

  4. Nintendo World Championship Cartridges


    These cartridges were created as part of a 1990 competition and house a series of multiple games on them. The silver version has sold for as much as $19,000 while the gold has gone for $26,000 on eBay.

  5. Panic Restaurant

    This 1992 cult classic is hard to find and worth about $500. The player takes on the role of Chef Cookie and has to battle various kitchen monsters.

  6. Family Fun Fitness Stadium Events

    This is considered the rarest of NES games and could perhaps be considered a precursor to the Wii as it came with a Family Fun Mat. Its worth? The 1987 game could sell for anywhere from $9,000 to $30,000. If yours is still in the box, it’s on the high end!

  7. Flintstones – Surprise at Dinosaur Peak

    Current value of this one is close to $700. It’s very hard to find but is considered a cool game to play, especially if a person is into retro cartoons. If you have a mint copy, you may be able to get close to $2,000.

  8. Power Blade II

    Released on 1992, this sequel game is extremely hard to find, so it can sell for upwards of $1,000.

  9. Little Samson

    You’ll find this game on the lists of many collectors, and 1992’s Little Samson is known for its quality graphics and fun. Depending on the condition, it can fetch anywhere between $800 and $1,300.

  10. Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers 2

    The chipmunks battle through levels by tossing objects at adversaries. It has gone up in value, and these are selling anywhere from $150 on up to $300.

  11. Bubble Bobble Part 2

    An obscure sequel to the original but popular nonetheless, copies of this game can sell for at least $500.

If you want to do more research on valuable NES games, check out the prices on eBay (including sold items) to get an idea of their worth.

Do you still own any old Nintendo games? Might you have something from this list in your possession? Are you a collector or would you sell yours?