Old Farmer’s Almanac Has Just Released its Predictions for How Bad This Winter is Going to Be

Is there going to be a ton of snow this winter?

According to expert meteorologists, we may want to trade in our snow shoes for rain boots this winter. It looks like winter may be milder than usual, meaning instead of cold and dry, we may be in for some warmer and wetter weather.

Almost everywhere in the U.S., they’re predicting that we’ll see above-normal temperatures compared to most winters (except for in the Southwest, where a colder-than-normal season is predicted). But why the warmer, milder winter? The Old Farmer’s Almanac sites a decrease in solar activity and the expected arrival of a weak El Nino — both of which will prevent cold air masses from sticking around in the North.

But for those of you in snowy regions — we know what winter questions are on your mind. How many hours will you be spending shoveling out your driveways? And how many snow days should you expect for your school children?

Here’s what the Old Farmer’s Almanac says:

As for snow, we expect to see below-normal levels of snowfall in areas that normally get snow, with the interior West and a small part of the nation’s midsection being the snowier-than-normal exceptions.

While there may be less snow on the horizon, it looks like there may be more rain than usual. Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts “above-normal levels for most of the country, except in the Southeast, southern California, the nation’s midsection, and parts of Alaska and Hawaii, where normal or below-normal precipitation amounts are expected instead.”

The Old Farmer’s Almanac—the most trusted source in weather predictions since 1792—has just released a report that details their expected forecasts for winter 2018-2019.

What are your thoughts on these weather predictions? Do you prefer the cold and snow, or are you looking forward to a warmer, milder winter?