It’s not every day that two flavors we love combine to make one even better flavor, but today is that day. We’re talking about Old Bay Hot Sauce. Yes. It’s a thing. And, it’s available today…as soon as they get the site working again.

We’re already big fans of Old Bay’s seasoning mix. We use it on everything from grilled shrimp to dill pickle soup. We’re super excited to try the hot sauce. Wonder if we can get it in time for the Super Bowl?


Old Bay Hot Sauce was released today exclusively on the company’s website. One thing that wasn’t anticipated was that the sauce would be so popular that the website would crash. Yes, that’s right, at the time of publication, the website is down. Don’t worry; we’re sure they’ll fix it, but we’re not sure this limited edition hot sauce will last for long.

Right now, Old Bay Hot Sauce is not available in stores. The company is probably trying to determine interest before stocking store shelves, but if the website crashing is any indication, there’s major interest! 

Old Bay eventually plans to bring their latest product to stores such as Safeway, Giant, Food Lion, Acme, Martin’s, Weis and Wegmans. At only $3.49 per bottle, we think we’ll need to buy more than one.

According to McCormick, the company that makes Old Bay, the new hot sauce is “tangy with a kick of heat and Old Bay’s unique blend of herbs and spices.” Sounds amazing!

Are you going to try Old Bay’s new hot sauce? What will make with it?