Usually, when we think of police officers, we think of people in uniform, driving the streets, making arrests, looking for bad guys, and, sometimes, even giving us speeding tickets. That said, it’s easy to forget that the men and women in blue who patrol the streets and keep us safe are also caring people with plenty of feelings, too.

A perfect example of this just came out of West Jordan, Utah, where a police officer by the name Officer Robert Lofgran stepped in to watch a mother of three’s children while she spent hours filing a domestic violence report. It must have been an incredibly difficult day for the mother, but, luckily, Officer Lofgran was happy to give her the space she needed to focus on the task.

Recognizing his kindness, members of the police department took some snapshots of the officer caring for the infant. Along with the photos, the West Jordan Police Department proudly posted this caption to its Facebook page:

Our records clerks caught Officer Lofgran during a call detail the other day. A young mother came in with her small children to file a domestic violence report. Officer a Lofgran helped watch over the children while this mother got the help she needed for that day. He spent hours on this call. Thank you for your service! #westjordanpolice #wecare#backtheblue

Since first publishing the post in mid-November, the story of the kind officer and the family in need has been ‘liked’ and shared thousands of times. As a matter of fact, the tale has even been featured by news organizations around the world.

In an interview with CNNWest Jordan Sgt. J.C. Holt gave us some more background on Officer Lofgran and his department’s record of caring for its residents. “We are grateful for the highlight and glad for officers like Officer Lofgran,” Holt said “But what you see is really standard. All our officers are this way. It’s a typical day in the office, it really is.”

He continued his interview by showing support for the anonymous mother and domestic violence victim who came to file a report that day. “It was super hard for this woman to come into the police station,” he said. “Her children were all under the age of 5 and we admire her courage. If you need help, come in, involve us and give us a chance to help you.”

Well said, officer. Well said!

To see more photos of this heartwarming encounter and to learn more about this hero police officer, be sure to watch the video below. We’re so happy to see that this family was able to get the support they needed during such a trying time. We wish the mother and her three children all the best!

We’d love to hear your take on this hero officer. Are you surprised that he stepped up to help this family in need? Has a police officer ever helped you through a tough situation? If so, would you like to share your story?