When you hear the term “living off-the-grid,” you probably think of someone really roughing it in the great outdoors. It sounds like a tough, difficult, and maybe even isolating lifestyle. But this family of three make this alternative way of living look downright romantic. This couple, Tom and Sarah, and their 10-month-old baby, Neesa, live in 215 square feet of space in an off-the-grid cabin on Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand. You have to see how brilliantly they make everything work in their new lifestyle! Watch the video below to hear their fascinating story.

Tom and Sarah lived in an urban area for a long time, with Tom working long, hard hours as a General Practitioner. Although money was good, Tom found himself being cheerful at work, only to come home and be miserable with his wife.

After some evaluating, the couple decided that they had gone to a toxic place – they stressed so much about work, money, and appearances, that they had started losing track of each other and themselves. They decided a drastic lifestyle change was in order.

What they did then was definitely drastic; the family sold their three bedroom house and moved to a 215 sq. ft. cabin on some farmland on the Coromandel Peninsula. They do not own the land and they don’t pay rent – Tom works the owners’ land three days a week as payment for his family to be living on the property.

Additionally, he only works a day or two a week in his GP job, so that the family has a little money saved away. But beyond that small income, the family has let go of their monetary stresses, which Tom says has truly helped him get to a better place of mental and emotional wellness.

The original space (which is now the master bedroom for Tom and Sarah) was initially a sheep shearing shed. The rest of the “L” shaped space was added on when Tom and Sarah moved to the cabin; this space acts as their kitchen, dining room, office, and anything else the family needs it to be.

Outside, the cabin is completely surrounding by green and farmland. They even have an outside patio to soak in the surrounding wildlife whenever they please.

Sarah and Tom both say that living in this small space isn’t a sacrifice. They love the closeness of their cabin, they love never being far from little Neesa, and they love looking around and seeing forestation wherever they turn.

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