It was just a day of last-minute shopping Tanya Saint Preux Picault. Despite being nine months pregnant with a due date just around the corner, she decided to run to a Target to pick up some baby essentials—and turns out, she got a little more than she bargained for.

A woman named Lisa Bozeman was shopping in the same Target store as Tanya. She was with her daughter, Caris Lockwood, who is a labor and delivery nurse at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital in Georgia. When she saw Tanya look in despair, her instinct told her that something was wrong, so she decided to approach her.

“[She] walked up and politely said ‘You don’t look so good, can I get my daughter? She’s a labor and delivery nurse,’” Picault said.

“I was just trying on some shoes and my mom kind of motioned me over to see her, and I thought she was just wanting me to say hi because I’m a nurse—I was thinking, ‘Mom, just let this woman shop in peace,’” Lockwood recalled.

But it turns out that Mom’s instincts her right. Lockwood realized that Tanya was most definitely in labor—far into labor, in fact—and she needed to get to a hospital quickly.

The two helped Tanya get to her car, but she was even father along than she thought. That’s when her water broke.

Lockwood knew it wasn’t going to be long now, and that she was going to have to deliver this baby. There was no one else around to help. And guess what? Twenty minutes later, and baby Maleek made his grand entrance—in the Target parking lot.

We’re instinctively biting our fingernails as we write this, but Lockwood barely batted an eye throughout the entire experience—she was just thankful to be able to help.

“I really wasn’t nervous,” Lockwood said. “It was certainly an incredible experience, and [I] truly believe it was one of those moments where God placed the right people in the right place at the right time. I’m grateful that I was there and able to help bring Tanya’s baby into the world.”

After the baby arrived, Lockwood called the paramedics so that they could get Picault to a hospital at once. When they got there, they let Lockwood cut the umbilical cord.

Thanks to Lockwood’s help—and Bozeman’s motherly instincts—Maleek is now a healthy one month old newborn.

“God had her there for me that day,” Picault said. “She did such a great job.”

This really makes us think about being in the right place at the right time. Had Bozeman not approached Picault when she did, who knows—maybe she would’ve had the baby in the car!

To hear more on this story, check out the video below.

How amazing is it that this off-duty nurse was able to do what she did for this woman in need? Can you imagine having a baby in a parking lot? What’s the craziest birth story you’ve ever heard?