When it comes to ‘family’, it’s fair to say that no two situations are the same, especially for the nearly half a million American children who are in the foster system. For some of these kids, it’s a temporary solution, but for others, it symbolizes a precarious limbo in which a permanent home may, sadly, never end up being in the cards.

Nonetheless, plenty of altruistic folks open up their homes and their hearts to kids in need of ‘forever families’. Take the case of twins Matthew and Marshall, for instance. At the time of their birth, things looked bleak for the now 3-year-olds, but with the help of one incredible woman, they managed to find their way home.

Their journey began in 2014 when they were born under trying circumstances, to say the least. You see, the identical twins have a rare genetic disorder called Pfeiffer syndrome, a condition that affects the development of the skull, hands, and feet.

Although each patient’s experience is unique, Matthew and Marshall have suffered severe side effects due to their illness, including respiratory problems so dangerous they both use breathing tubes.

Because of their conditions, the boys’ biological parents were unable to care for them, so both were removed from the home after their first month of life. To make matters even worse, the twins’ need for round-the-clock care meant that they would most likely have to be split up, as most prospective foster or adoptive parents couldn’t handle two kids with demanding needs.

But, luckily, when one good-hearted grandmother and long-time foster mom set her eyes on the effervescent duo, she couldn’t help but take the two of them in.

Mathew and Marshall Trepanier in baby seatsSWNS via Daily Mail
That’s right, 58-year-old former nurse, Linda Trepanier, knew that she could give these two the life that they deserved. In an interview with The Daily Mail, the courageous Minnesotan says that her decision to foster, and eventually adopt Matthew and Marshall was rooted in her “passion” for foster care—she has fostered a total of 16 kids in the last 30 years!

But, even though Trepanier is up for the job, that hasn’t stopped the well-intentioned naysayers from sharing their opinion on her unique family.

“People struggle to understand,” Linda explains. “They say, ‘Oh, those kids are going to tie you down’, but I have learned to live with it. I just feel privileged that I have been able to make a real, positive difference to Matthew and Marshall’s lives.”

And, indeed she has. Trepanier works through the night to care for the twins, even going so far as to take their temperature every few hours to ensure that they aren’t suffering from an infection. And you thought taking care of a newborn was hard!

We truly give Trepanier a lot of credit for taking on these two lovely kiddos—they seem so happy! To learn even more about this family, be sure to watch Inside Edition’s video below.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Trepaniers. Do you know anyone who has been affected by Pfeiffer Syndrome? Are you a parent of a child with medical challenges? If so, what has your journey been like?