If you ask us, the washing machine is pretty much the greatest modern invention of all time. Without these clothes-cleaning godsends, we would still be beating our sopping wet threads against an old-fashioned washing board—not exactly our idea of fun!

Now, although these appliances make laundry as simple as possible, there are certain items that they simply can’t handle. We all know that packing in a massive duvet can lead to a laundry room flood, but there are actually quite a few other suspect items that can totally ruin your beloved machine—and to tell you the truth, most of them surprised even us!

Here are some of the absolute WORST things you could put in your washing machine…

  1. Coins

    Coins—or any other detached pieces of metal, for that matter—can seriously compromise your laundry cycle for two reasons: 1) the force of the spin cycle can smash the metal against a front loading washer, putting the machine at risk for cracked glass and 2) if you’re really unlucky, the loose change can find its way into the drain pipe, blocking it permanently.

    Be sure to turn your pants pockets inside-out the next time you drop in a load of laundry—coins can do some serious damage, folks!

  2. Clothing with hooks or wiring

    Even though we all should know better, we too are guilty of washing our bras in the machine—it’s a lazy habit and one we’re not proud of, especially considering the practice does have the tendency to warp the delicate items!

    But, putting your bras in the washing machine won’t just mess up the look of your brassieres—it can also snag the drum of the machine or hook onto and damage the other clothing in the load. A lazy habit that’s not worth the costly risks, if you ask us.

    Pro tip: If the mere thought of handwashing your bra puts you to sleep, you can throw it in your washing machine, but only if you first secure it in a mesh lingerie bag. Check out your local dollar store for one of these guys—it will completely change the way you launder your delicates!

  3. Hairy items

    No, we’re not talking about that fur vest of yours (though you probably should get that laundered at your dry cleaner’s!), the fur we’re talking about here is of the pet variety.

    Believe it or not, excessive amounts of hair can end up clogging the drain pumps that lead from your washing machine. If this doesn’t sound good to you, then you’re right on because these clogged drain pumps can eventually add stress to your home’s plumbing system. Yikes.

    If you have a super furry “fur baby,” then give this cleaning gloves hack a try before throwing your laundry in the washer. Works like a charm!

Be honest; you’ve definitely been guilty of throwing at least one of these items into your washer. To get the full story on what can ruin your washing machine, including the 3 other things that should NEVER enter your beloved appliance, be sure to watch the video below!

We’d love to hear your take on these washing machine “no-nos.” Did any of the items on the list surprise you? Can you name any more? What’s the secret to making your appliances last?