Like most people, you probably have a morning personality. Mellow? Chipper? Grumpy with a side of bite me? Quiet? Focused?

Though chipper may seem farfetched and mythical, there are ways to at least ease yourself or someone you love into mellow territory without the use of bribes, musical medleys, or medication. And it all starts with waking up when that alarm goes off.

If you let out a “boooooooo”, hear us out first. If you raised an eyebrow instead, then that means your curiosity has been stoked. There are products out there that can help with the very real struggle of mornings.

Wake up, shower, grab a meal, and head out the door like you’ve got it all together (and on time) by keeping these items close to you.

  1. Smart Light Bulb

    wake up bulbMagicLight via Amazon

    Linked to your smartphone, the MagicLight bulb syncs itself to your schedule and mood. Use the timer to dim or brighten when you want it to. The bulb glows in various colors, and includes a sunrise setting to help you wake up. If that’s too soft for you, go for party mode.

  2. Tefal Toast n Beans Maker

    For our UK folks, this device cooks toast, beans, and eggs for your breakfast. Though you can only cook one side dish at a time, you can still make toast (or bagels) simultaneously.

  3. Dual Sandwich Maker

    Don’t be discouraged if you want something like the Tefal, because here’s a breakfast sandwich maker from Hamilton Beach that can make two at a time! Cook eggs, meat, and your bread of choice in a matter of minutes.

  4. Runaway Clocky Alarm Clock

    If you want to kill your alarm clock, you’ll have to chase this one down first. Clocky is cute but forces you to catch him to make him shut up. He’ll also force you to realize that the ringing sound is not part of your dream. Just try not to throw the little guy up against a wall. He also comes in multiple colors.

  5. Energizing Body Scrub

    Any scrub that contains mint or caffeine will have your skin and nose tingling with energy. Check out this version from Frank Body, or make your own.

  6. Bedside Tea that’s Alarming

    A warm cup of tea at your bedside? Yeah, it’s possible. Set it up at night and wake up to a hot mug of coffee or tea as the alarm clock buzzes right next to you. This Swan Teasmade model is available in the UK or US.

  7. Programmable Coffee Maker

    Wake up to fresh brewed coffee without rolling out of bed. Set the automatic timer the night before on this Hamilton Beach coffee maker to make a pot or travel mug that’s ready to go!

  8. Warning Mug

    Pour whatever you want into this mug and fire a warning shot without saying a word.

  9. Misting Fan

    wakeup fan

    Forget heading to the bathroom for a splash of water on your face. Grab this mister off your nighstand for a gentle wakeup nudge.

  10. In-Bed Workout Plan

    Do some yoga or another routine without hopping out of your bed. Light stretches or other exercises are perfectly adaptable for a mattress and will give you energy before hitting the shower. For inspiration, check out these 10 yoga moves at paleohacks.

  11. Tile Stuff Finder

    wakeup tile finder

    Okay, so you know how you waste countless minutes trying to track down your car keys or phone in the morning? Cut the cursing and let Tile do the work. Hook the tiny Tile Mate onto your commonly lost object and use the Tile app to find it with Bluetooth. It will ring! These come in packs of 1, 4, or 8 if you have multiple things that hide from you.

  12. Philips Alarm Clock with a Dose of Sunshine

    Simulated sunshine that is. This nifty alarm clock comes with adjustable sound and light settings that will make you feel like waking up to a beautiful sunrise – set to music.

  13. Bluetooth Showerhead Speaker

    Who doesn’t love singing in the shower? This showerhead is Bluetooth compatible with your smartphone and has a mic so you can sing to adoring fans live or over the phone.  Now that’s something worth waking up for.

  14. Towel Warmer

    Step out of the shower and into the threads of a nice, toasty towel with one of these warmers. If you really need a jolt, take a cold shower first.

  15. Dash Quick Egg Cooker

    Makes eggs in whatever way you’d like in a flash! Hard, medium, or soft boiled? Got it. Love your eggs scrambled, poached, or turned into an omelet? Covered. Pour water into the warmer, put your eggs in, and go. Wait for it to buzz you when your eggs are ready in less than 10 minutes!

Some of these products might be especially helpful in households where both a chipper and angry morning person reside. I know firsthand how hard it is to walk on eggshells with these two in the same orbit. And let’s not mention the sacred night owl who’s on an entirely different schedule. What do you have to lose, right?

Greet the dark, sunless start of your day without feeling defeated. Or, welcome the sun’s rays with a smile instead of a profanity-laced groan. Don’t let the highlight of your week be your weekend sleep-in. Do yourself a favor and grab an item or two from this list.

Are you a morning hater or a morning lover? Which of these products caught your attention? What tricks do you use to get going in the morning?