Ahhh, the refrigerator. In our humble opinion, it’s pretty much the greatest invention since sliced bread. Not only does it keep your drinks cold and your meat fresh, it can also keep your most beloved inedible belongings shiny and new, too. For instance, did you know that certain cosmetics actually work better and last longer when they are stored in frosty-cool environments? Crazy, right!

Here’s a list of 11 non-food items that you really should transfer from your closets and cabinets and into your fridge or freezer– STAT!

  1. Your gum-encrusted clothing

    Just because you were a little over-zealous with your bubble blowing doesn’t mean that your sticky clothing should be headed for the trash pile! Instead, throw the item in the fridge–or better yet, the freezer!– for a few hours, or until the gum hardens. From there, the sticky stuff should peel off easily.

  2. Your well-worn denim

    Ever notice how jeans sometimes lose their sheen and effortless fit when washed? That’s because denim wasn’t built to withstand the old washer and dryer. So, stop forcing it to be something that it’s not, especially when a fridge works just as well too sanitize your items! Just stick your jeans in a freezer bag (like the one shown at the tippy-top of this post) and stick them in the freezer overnight. Voila! Germ-free denim.

  3. Your slept-on pillowcase

    Unlike denim, pillowcases do just fine in the washer. Having said that, you probably aren’t washing yours nearly enough! According to some experts, pillowcases should be laundered every SECOND day! Who has time for that?! Instead, stick yours in a freezer bag and place in the fridge in the morning–by the time you come home, you’ll have a clean and cool place to lay your head.

  4. Your freshly-cut flowers

    Want to keep that beautiful bouquet from your sweetheart fresher for longer? If so, stick it in the fridge overnight; this will slow down the flowers’ metabolic processes, thus giving them longer “life.” Smart!

  5. Your super sticky envelopes

    Preserve the envelopes of your love letters by sticking them in the fridge BEFORE attempting to rip them open. This will break down the glue sealant, so much so that the envelope might just flop open on its own in the fridge. Magic!

  6. Your delicate pantyhose

    Now, we’re not usually inclined to believe old wive’s tales, but this one makes sense to us. Folks say that if you store your pantyhose in the fridge, the fibers will strengthen, thus making them less likely to rip or run when worn. Worth a try!

  7. Your brightest nail polish

    Did you know that polishes, particularly brightly-colored ones, should only be stored in cold environments? Doing so actually slows down the discoloration process that we sometimes see in older bottles. A must for all of you ‘polishistas’!

  8. Your stubborn eyeliners

    Ever notice how some eyeliners really DRAG along the delicate eye area? To fix this, simply store your favorite liner in the fridge overnight; the cosmetic will glide easier, and even deposit more color if kept in the cold.

  9. Your go-to eye creams

    Supercharge your eye cream by storing it in your fridge. This will not only make the product last longer, it will also work to “de-puff” the area. Cool! (pun intended)

  10. Your sunburn fixer

    There’s nothing quite like smoothing on some soothing aloe vera after a particularly intense fun-in-the-sun session. Now, imagine if that aloe vera was ICY COLD? Yep, you can’t get more soothing–or sastisfying!–than that, folks.

  11. Your favorite candles

    The next time you bring home a new candle, be sure to stick it in the freezer overnight before using it for the first time. Introducing the candle to a cold environment will do two things: 1) it will prevent wax drips and 2) it will make the wax burn down slower. How illuminating!

We’d love to hear your take on this frosty storage technique! Do you store any of these items in the fridge? If so, have you noticed good results? Are there any more items that you would like to add to this list?