What kid can’t contain their excitement for their birthday party? In their minds, it’s a big deal not just for the presents, but because all of their friends will show up to party with them.

They want to eat and play hard until they pass out. So, it’s sad when we see stories about children whose guests don’t show up for their birthday bashes. We can all relate to that sinking feeling even if we’ve never experienced it.

When that very thing happened to 6-year-old Teddy of Tucson, Arizona, his mother was heartbroken. She said she invited over 30 children from the little boy’s class to attend his party at Peter Piper Pizza, but not a single one showed.

After posting a picture of her son sitting at an empty party table looking gloomy, it went viral and got the attention of local news outlets and the Phoenix Suns. The team invited him to come out for a game so he can celebrate with them and a crowd of thousands.

Also wanting to join in on the fun is the Phoenix Rising soccer team who sent out a tweet inviting him to a match and a pizza date. News viewers were also encouraged to send Teddy birthday wishes through Facebook or by mailing cards to his home.

To date, he’s received lots of birthday greetings as well as people offering to attend a do-over party. And he and his family have accepted the invitations to attend the games this week!

Your thoughts on this story? Has anything like this happened in your family?