Picture this. You’re hanging out with friends, maybe enjoying delicious barbeque food on a warm summer night, and someone breaks out a six-pack of refreshing beer. But before you can crack open a cold one, you realize this bottle isn’t a twist-off — and no one has a bottle opener.


Yes, this is a less-than-likely situation if you’re hanging with a group of friends, but play along with us here! The point is, you have an infuriating problem: a bottle you need opened and no bottle opener to do it.

What are you to do?

Rather than hurt yourself (we don’t suggest any bottle breaking or trying to use your teeth — yes, there are “tips” like that on the internet) or run out to get a bottle opener, we have a quick hack that will solve your problem. All it requires is a simple piece of paper.

Before you say this is impossible to do, you’ve got to check out this Handimania video. The next time you’re in this annoying position, you can impress the entire party by saving the day with this one surprising tool! It only takes a few choice folds to create a makeshift opener that actually works.

Check out the technique for yourself in the video below.

Have you ever tried this trick before? Do you have another hack for opening bottles without an opener?