Have you ever experienced something that wasn’t normal? Many of us have, but we probably feel like we’re the only ones who have these weird stories to tell because nobody else is talking about their weird stories either.

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. Sometimes bizarre things really do happen. We often don’t know about these things because when something bizarre happens, it’s easy to believe that nobody would believe you if you told them.

While cameras on our phones have made it easier to try to capture the weird things that we witness, these are relatively new inventions, and even today, sometimes the occurrence is so quick or shocking that we simply don’t have time to take a picture that captures the moment.

Reddit user KindaDepressive asked the community, “What experience of yours is so crazy, you don’t tell people about it because they wouldn’t believe you?”

Scroll down for 11 strange but true stories.

  1. Aliens?

    Reddit user throwaway89289043459 wrote:

    I once spent a few nights in Yosemite, basically just hiking and getting drunk from time to time. One night myself and a group of friends hiked to the top of this little mountain near camp Tawonga. I distinctly remember all of us seeing this meteorite fall into the atmosphere and briefly light up the sky. But thats the last thing I remember, it’s as if I blinked and it was late afternoon. I got off the ground, nobody was around me anymore and my ribs were in a ton of pain. Scared the shit out of me I started running down the hill following the path hoping it would take me back to people, I still remember running and it feeling like I was in a nightmare, like a twilight zone where everyone disappeared. Luckily I got back to my camp and my buddy was freaking out asking where I went and that he was “this close” to calling 911 to put out a search party for me. I tried my best to just wave it off but it freaked me out so much to just lose (15 – 16 hours) like that. The part that scared me the most was to this day I have this “thing” in my rib where the pain was. No scar, went to the doctors about it, doesn’t show up on an x-ray, non cancerous etc.

  2. Blue Sweat

    PerilousPeach wrote:

    I used to sweat blue for a few months. My clothes, nails, and phone cover all got stained blue. It went away after a while on its own, which was good because the doctors couldn’t figure it out.

  3. “It Didn’t Hurt”

    Shared by sevenrandomnumbers:

    I was like 12 years old and played with my dog in the back yard. He suddenly stopped and just looked at my leg. There was a piece of wood in my leg. It was ~8 cm long and in 90° angle in my leg. It didn’t hurt. I didn’t feel anything. To this day I’m wondering how this stick found its way into my leg.

  4. “I Swear on My Life It Happened”

    Written by Reddit user Artikay:

    One day completely out of the blue my daughter (8) started telling me she wanted to look out the window to see shooting stars. I told her its very rare to see any shooting stars where we live (Yonkers, NY.)She was really adamant that we should look and try to see one anyway, so I walk with her over to our living room window and look out with her. I swear not 10 seconds had passed before a meteor went streaking by, closer than any I had ever seen. You could see the trail it left in the sky and it glowed bright red. She got so excited and ran to tell my wife that she saw one. My wife does not believe that me or my daughter saw a meteor that quickly, I swear on my life it happened.

  5. They Almost Died Twice

    drewhunter1981 wrote:

    when i was younger i worked at a popular theme park in the UK as a ride assistant. one of the rides i worked on was the River Rapids. Two young scouse lads who had obviously been drinking got on and it was clear they were going to be a pain in the arse. As their Raft came towards the end, they both were running around the outsides of it. The raft hits the wall and they both fell in. this is near the lift section of the ride which if they’d been snagged would have torn them up badly. i ran down and god knows how, managed to pull them both out. They were both swiftly escorted to the medical centre and im assuming off park. The same day, after i finish work, i went to go and see a friend for a few hours and on my way home i follow a car that is all over the place. The car hits a kerb and flips onto its roof. i stop my car, run across, yank the doors open and pull both the the occupants out. Same two lads id pulled out of the water at work earlier in the day.

  6. An Amazing Accident

    AssassinxMC added:

    I was on a train and this train had one of those chains which you pull in case of an emergency and it stops the train and if you pull it for no reason you can face upto 2 years in prison and a huge fine. So I was just sitting and when I decided to get up to go to the washroom, I was kind of stuck so I used the nearest thing to help me get up and what I pulled was the chain. Suddenly the train stopped and I was like o-crap here I go to the prison. When suddenly people started running out of the train (P.S the train had no doors you would understand if you know what an average local Indian train looks like I don’t know about other countries) and what I realized was that a compartment of the train was on fire. So… That’s how I survived from going to prison and accidentally saved the train. I told this story to a friend but he would not believe me so I just let it go.

  7. It Should’ve Broken but Didn’t

    Written by JustCrits:

    Opened the fridge and a (edit) jar of mustard came falling down. It hit the ground and I already thought:“Great, now I have to clean all of it up.“, but I genuinely didn’t hear it hitting the ground. When I looked down there was nothing there. No glass shards, mustard, nothing. Looked around for a good 5 minutes questioning my reality. Turns out it kinda repelled of the ground and landed in the wineshelf (next to the fridge, like 1.5 feet above the floor). Upright. Standing. It straight up did a bottle flip off the floor. It dropped a solid 6 feet on hard ground and just bounced. Still questioning the laws of physics to this date.

  8. “I Fell Out”

    Another Reddit user shared:

    When I was 6 I was in a car with my aunt. While she was driving I opened door and fell out, luckily she didn’t drive fast, probably she just started driving, I can’t remember, so I wasn’t hurt. I told that to my family several times already and they refuse to believe. Few weeks ago, I was with my aunt and she told me that story and asked me do I remember that.

  9. Double Yolks

    Shared by Fire427:

    Not as crazy as other comments on here, But I once cracked open two double yoked eggs in a row.

  10. A Very Close Call

    hooks_n_ammo shared:

    When I was 8 or 9 my buddies and I were racing our bmx bikes to school. It was a cold night so as the cars had splashed water all over the sidewalk during the night it froze into this slick skating rink. I was the lead bike and as I tried to round the corner I wiped out on the ice and slid right across the highway. RIGHT UNDER A F****IN SEMI TRUCK. Popped out the other side unscathed with the front tire of my bike completely smashed. Truck rolled right over the tire and completely missed me.

  11. An Unusual Surgery

    shiv11fourty1 wrote:

    When I was in High school, a bully punched me in the face. My mom thought he broke my orbital bone, so took me to the ER. ER doc sent me to an eye specialist just to be safe…Eye doc did an exam, said my eye and socket were fine, but that I “really need to get that mass behind your jaw looked at” 7 years prior to this, an orthodontist gave me splints to wear at night, because the lump the eye doc was referring to was thought to be TMJ at the time. I was referred to a neurologist, and went in for emergency surgery the next day. They excised a 2in tall, 1in long egg shaped mass. Benign, thankfully. It was a f***ing fully formed ear.