Have kids who are looking forward to Halloween? Since trick-or-treating may not be in the cards this year, it’s up to the parents to come up with other fun ways to celebrate.

Luckily, the moms over at WhatsUpMoms did the work for us. They have some neat tricks to decorating pumpkins that don’t involve any dangerous knives. And in a recent video, they shared three. So if you have an artsy kid with a creative mind, these ideas are for you.

The first idea is what they refer to as the “marbled pumpkin.” You’ll need a few jars of nail polish, a bucket of water, some glitter, and of course, your pumpkins. Hint: Use an all-white pumpkin for the best outcome!

All you do is drop some different colored nail polishes into the water, dip your pumpkin inside, swirl it around, and voila: A gorgeous handmade marbled pumpkin. Adding glitter at the end is optional, since it can get a bit messy, but boy does it add a shimmery, fun touch!

For the next hack—appropriately deemed the “tacky pumpkin—you’ll just need some thumbtacks and maybe some paint if you’d like to switch up the color of your pumpkin. If you’re using paint, simply paint the pumpkin whatever color you’d like.

Then, it’s the fun part: Press the thumbtacks into your pumpkin to create a bedazzled look. As one of the little ones says in the video, the feeling of pressing a thumbtack into a pumpkin is “so satisfying.”

Last but not least is the “stenciled web.” For this one, grab a coffee filter, spray paint, some fake spiders, and your pumpkin.

Start off by painting your pumpkin whatever color you want—the ladies in the video used black for a spooky appeal. The coffee filter is where the fun comes in; the ladies show you how to fold and cut the filter (or just a thin piece of paper) into a cool cobweb shape.

Once you have that down, place the cobweb onto the pumpkin, sponge paint over it, and peel it off. You’re left with an awesome cobweb design! Simply glue some plastic spiders on top of it and you’ve got yourself one unique pumpkin design.

The moms have tested all of these pumpkin decorating hacks for us and would recommend every single one. Check out the video below to see them in action—and then try it for yourself with your little ones!

How cool are these artistic pumpkins? Will you be trying any of these ideas? What’s your favorite way to decorate a pumpkin?