We’re all used to the idea of no-bake cheesecake by now – but a no-bake cheesecake that doesn’t require any cream cheese? Now that is unheard of. While cream cheese is delicious rich, it’s really what makes cheesecake so calorie-laden and unhealthy. But this yogurt cheesecake is a lighter version of the dessert we all know and love. But don’t be concerned, just because this recipe has been lightened up with yogurt doesn’t mean it’s not still bursting with flavor! Watch the video below to see how you can make this simple, healthier cheesecake.

Not only does this video give you an awesome, healthy cheesecake recipe – that we guarantee you’ll be bringing to every party – but it also shows you how to make the perfect summer topping, a sweet pineapple sauce. As if this cake couldn’t get any better.

And that graham cracker crust? We love that there are no insane bells or whistles to this crust (or this entire recipe), but just that it’s simple and delicious!

Your friends are going to be astounded that this lightened-up cheesecake still has so much rich, indulgent cheesecake flavor. Don’t even tell them it only took three ingredients, they won’t believe you! Trust us, your cheesecake is going to be in high demand.

What do you think of this healthy, no-bake cheesecake? Share your thoughts on the recipe in the comments section below.


– 1 container (32 ounces) plain or vanilla yogurt (low- or full-fat)
– 3 cups unsweetened pineapple juice
– 1 pint small strawberries , washed, dried and hulled


1. Line a medium sieve (about 7 inches wide) with two layers of paper towels. Place sieve over a bowl. Stir yogurt in container for consistency before pouring into sieve. Adjust paper towels to remove any folds. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 24 hours, until yogurt thickens.

2. Meanwhile, in a small saucepan, bring pineapple juice to a boil. Cook over high heat until reduced to scant 1 cup, 25 to 30 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool. Cover and refrigerate until cold.

3. When ready to serve, remove yogurt from refrigerator and place a plate over sieve, making sure paper towels are not covering yogurt. Turn plate and sieve over to unmold yogurt. Gently remove paper towels. With a knife, smooth yogurt on sides and top to make a flat “cheesecake.” Garnish with strawberries and serve with pineapple sauce on the side.