If you think bundt cakes are boring desserts that are best ignored on the holiday spread, think again. Bundt cakes might have a plainer side to them, but they have the ability to be incredibly creative, too! We have a feeling you’ll agree once you watch this video from Creative Cakes by Sharon.

Sharon took a traditional bundt cake and transformed it into the most perfectly fun Christmas dessert. Seriously, this cake’s transformation is one of the most amazing we’ve ever seen— 3D, colorful, filled with a surprise and featuring two of our favorite animated characters.

After all, who doesn’t love The Nightmare Before Christmas? This spooky Christmas flick is one of our all-time favorites, and we’re sure your holiday guests are going to love this edible take on Jack and Sally.

In this creative recipe, your bundt cake has been cut into four layers, each separated with a layer of buttercream frosting; this can only mean the perfect ratio of frosting and cake in each bite! Nothing wrong with that. The cake is then coated in white chocolate ganache before the elaborate creation of Jack and Sally begins.

And it’s not just the outside of the cake that’s incredible. Besides the layers of buttercream, ganache, and cake, there’s also a surprise inside: M&M’s! Feel free to empty a heaping portion of Christmas-colored M&M’s into the center hole of your cake, once again proving that bundt cakes should never be underestimated.

This cake looks so incredible after the fact, you would never have known it was once a humble bundt cake! What do you think about this incredible cake decoration? Will you be attempting this fun Christmas cake for the holiday season? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Looking for another cake that’s a little easier but just as impressive, check out the video below: