Nicole Kidman Shares the Nighttime Skincare Routine That Helps Her Look Fabulous at Age 54

We’ve seen multiple celebrities show the world their skincare secrets. They often do this by showing us step-by-step what products they use for either a morning or evening skincare routine. They talk about the brands they love and why they use certain products.

Some celebrities have quite involved skincare routines, but it’s not always necessary to use a lot of products in order to have great skin. Nicole Kidman is proof of that. In a new video, Kidman shares her step-by-step nighttime skincare routine, and it turns out that she only uses two products on her face.

Kidman starts her nighttime routine by pulling her hair back so that it’s not in her face or in her way. Then, she uses her first essential skincare product, Clarity Foaming Cleanser by Sera Labs. She uses this cleanser to wash away her makeup.

After removing her makeup and cleansing her face, Kidman adds just one more product to her face. She uses Seratopical Radiant Glow Oil which is also by Sera Labs. She rubs the oil on her face because she likes “to have moist skin.”

That’s it. Those are the only two products Kidman puts on her face on a regular basis; although, she does mention that sometimes she likes to exfoliate her skin.

Although Kidman only uses two products on the skin on her face every night before bed, there is more to her nighttime routine. She has more to do when it comes to getting her hair ready for bed, and she ends with her favorite pre-bed beverage. Watch the video below to see Kidman’s nighttime skincare routine for yourself.

Despite her minimal nighttime skincare routine, there’s no doubt that her skin looks fabulous especially considering she’s 54 years old. These products definitely seem to be working for her.

Does it surprise you that Nicole Kidman only uses two products on her face every night before bed? How does her nighttime skincare routine compare to yours?