There’s nothing more romantic than watching two newlyweds relish in their first moments of marriage as they perform their dance for all their loved ones to see. It’s a moment that, we’re not too proud to admit, makes a cry. Every. Single. Time. Heck, we even cry if when we are a plus one and barely know the couple. We even cry at the mere *thought* of witnessing two people enjoying this moment!

So, predictably, we were pretty much left in a puddle of tears after we first set eyes on today’s clip. It stars a pair of newlyweds, a talented wife and husband duo, who decided to forgo hiring a traditional wedding singer to, instead, perform at their own wedding. That’s right, right after these two said their “I do’s,” they stood in front of a group of their closest friends and family members and poured their hearts out in song.

The brilliant chanteuse featured in this clip is a Florida-based singer-songwriter by the name of Danielle DeCosmo. As DeCosmo belts out her very own, very powerful rendition of Etta James’ classic “At Last,” her newly-minted husband is right by her side, backing her up with some beautiful accompaniment on his acoustic guitar.

The gorgeous bride absolutely slays her way through this classic wedding song–and it’s quite obvious that her guitar god of a husband is enraptured by both her beauty, as well as her voice. Something tells us that these two have bonded over their love of music more than anything else. What an absolutely precious way for two people to open up their hearts in front of an audience of the most important influences in their lives!

And, speaking of the audience; unfortunately, the sound quality of the blessed event could be a bit better. Now, this isn’t due to faulty camerawork or bad acoustics, necessarily–it’s simply because the audience won’t stop GUSHING about these two. Throughout the short performance, a chorus of audible “Awwwwws” can be heard, as well as the occasional high-spirited “woooo!” One guest even comments that she should even hire the bride to sing at her upcoming wedding. Talk about a compliment!

While we weren’t able to gather too much info on this very gifted husband and wife duo, we do know that they play in a band called Blackbird Morning, which is headed up by Danielle. The wife also works in the field of medicine and, amazingly, brings her passion for music right along with her. She’s a practicing doula and she volunteers her time singing for hospitalized patients. How cool is that?!

Now that you know a little bit more about this special couple, it’s time for you to watch their lovely performance for yourself. To see Danielle DeCosmo and her hubby perform “At Last” at their own wedding, be sure to watch the video below!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this newlywed musical duo! Are you a fan of the performance? Did you do something similar at your own wedding? What was your wedding song?