We can’t live without our iPhones these days. And what’s not to love? We literally have an entire computer in our pocket! You can call people, text people, email people, go on the Internet, no tot mention download apps to do, well, pretty everything.

There are just a few minor inconveniences to it all. For one thing, the price. Doesn’t it seems that with each Apple that comes out, the price of the next one skyrockets even more? Plus, the design of the phone keeps on changing. Just when we get used to one feature, they go and change it on us so have to get re-accustomed to it.

Case and point: The iPhone 11. Apple just released this new baby, and trust us, there’s lots to like about it, as usual. The design is sleek and modern and it even promises a longer battery life than its predecessor. Great!

The camera is also better…or should we say cameras? The phone has multiple cameras that offers 2x optical zoom-out and an ‘ultrawide’ rear camera. But people can’t help but notice the seemingly weird design of it.

It turns out that the cameras on the iPhone 11 appear to have three lenses instead of its standard one (as well as the flash and microphone), and it’s causing a major outburst.

It may be just a small change, but people have a LOT to say about it. For one thing, the multiple holes are triggering trypophobia in some, or the fear of small holes or bumps. And if it isn’t doing that, it’s making you want to do everything from compare it to cartoon characters to wondering the true meaning behind the cameras.

The memes are coming in quick. Apple creators probably had no idea what was coming when they created this funky new camera design, but we’re sure they have their hands over their eyes at this point.

Check out these 11 of our favorite memes about the iPhone 11:

  1. An uncanny resemblance

    It brings a whole new meaning to “gotta catch ’em all.”

  2. Some fun new functions

    Who knew you could cook directly on it?

  3. It looks surprised at you

    Seriously, stop staring at me!

  4. Are we being watched?

    They’re not fooling anyone.

  5. There’s lots of science happening

    Great recap of 7th grad science class.

  6. We knew it looked familiar…

    Right down to the birthmark.

  7. It just keeps getting better and better

    The price just keeps getting higher and higher…

  8. One of these things just doesn’t belong

  9. Steve Jobs can’t be happy about this

    He’s either laughing or crying from heaven. We’re thinking the latter.

  10. We can only imagine what the future holds…


  11. But no matter what, we’re still going to order it.

    They always get us…

Are you an Apple fan? What do you think of the new iPhone 11? Do you think you’ll be purchasing this one or stick with the old model?