Baby photos are the best. With all that cuteness on display, parents are bound to shed a tear or gush over their little pumpkins. Who doesn’t love babies?

But they also shed a tear over the funny and icky things that can happen during a photo shoot – especially for tiny, tender newborns. Yes, they’re adaptable and easily posable, but there’s something to be said for their unpredictable bodily functions and facial expressions.

They wiggle, they pout, and they spit things out. These newborn photos caught some of the best moments on camera in between the perfect shots of adorable baby bliss. Try putting your own words to their little faces!

  1. Projectile Pee

    This baby boy caught his parents off guard with this steady tinkle stream.

  2. What’d You Say To Me?

    This cutie would make the perfect bodyguard.

  3. Somebody Heeeeeelp Meeeeeeee!

    newborn pumpkin

    Poor lil’ pumpkin.

  4. This Seems Like a Calculated Move

    Just look at that smile after the job’s done.

  5. Plotting World Domination. . .

    When she’s out of those diapers.

  6. But Only If This Guy Doesn’t Beat Her to It

    No one will get in his way! No one.

  7. Who Said You Could Take My Picture?

    *Balls up right fist*.

  8. Baby Didn’t Even Bat An Eye

    This dad looks so happy and oblivious, but big bro saw it coming.

  9. When Mom Sneezes. . .

    And you hope she doesn’t drop you so you grab the nearest object.

  10. What The?

    Who allowed this butterfly to crash my shoot?

  11. This Is Dedicated to All Those Who Woke Me Up From My Nap

    Now carry on!

  12. Um, Let’s See . . .

    Do I want to eat, sleep, poop, or cry?

  13. This Baby’s So Skilled He Can Hit Poop Targets in His Sleep

    From any position. Looks like someone needs a change of clothes, and it’s not the baby!

  14. No, I Don’t Think So. . .

    Now get outta here!

  15. I Won’t Fall Asleep, I Won’t Fall Asleep, I Won’t Fall Asleep

    Somebody has to keep watch.

If you’re a parent, then you are probably really familiar with being blessed on your person by the three P’s: pee, poo, and puke. You’ve got to love babies for doing what they do best and for the cute faces they make as they do it. Some of these little ones look like they were born ready for the camera, and others don’t give a flying fig. Can you tell?

Photographers love to snap these moments during pro shoots, but believe it or not, some parents like to toss them during the final cut. But don’t you think they make the perfect additions to a baby’s photo album?

What do you think of these funny baby outtakes? Do you have some of your own? Which one of these pics is your favorite?