New Year’s Baby Gives Birth to New Year’s Baby

There are lots of things we look forward to as each year turns into the next. We make resolutions, we vouch to eat healthier, and we just look forward to a fresh start overall. But something else we love to see on New Year’s is the “New Year’s baby.”

You know, those select babies that are born right at the start of the New Year. There’s just something unique about being some of the first people to enter the world at the start of the year!

But something even cooler than being a New Year’s baby? Being the New Year’s mom of a New Year’s baby.

Confused? Let us explain. One New York resident named Gabrielle Freeman who was born on New Year’s Day herself 22 years ago…just gave birth to her own child, born on her birthday: New Year’s Day.

At first it didn’t click to me what day she was born,” Freeman said. “I was just happy she was born and that it was over with. And then I realized, it’s my birthday.”

Not impressed? What if we told you they were born in the exact same hospital? In the exact same room? The odds of that happening are pretty slim to none.

“First of all, it’s cool to be a New Year’s Baby. But to be a New Year’s Baby to a New Year’s mom in the same room, it’s just unheard of. It’s unreal,” said Jacklynn Kimball, an RN at the hospital.

Freeman is absolutely floored by the coincidence, and is looking forward to her life as a mom.

“We’ll be doing all sorts of new things when she’s older. It’s will be fun,” Freeman says. “It was probably the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten.”

To hear more about this unbelievable coincidence, check out the video below!

Can you believe this woman who was born on New Year’s herself had her first child on New Year’s as well, in the exact same room she was born? Have you ever heard of something like this before?