Hershey’s Kisses Release Their First New Seasonal Flavor in 10 Years

As the weather changes and we anticipate snow on the horizon, one thing that warms us up is thinking about sipping a delicious cup of hot cocoa.

There are many delicious store bought hot cocoa flavors, and we have our own favorite homemade recipes, but when we imagine the warm chocolate flavor hitting our lips, we picture something else too.


You can’t (or, at least, you shouldn’t) have hot cocoa without marshmallows. Sure, whipped cream is a great topping too, but there’s something about stirring those mini marshmallows into our cup that makes it an extra special treat. It’s almost like s’mores without the campfire.

So, yeah, you get it; we really like hot cocoa and marshmallows.

That’s why we were super excited when we learned about the brand new seasonal flavor that Hershey’s has created for their popular Kisses. If you love hot cocoa and marshmallows, you’re going to be excited too.

Introducing Hershey’s Hot Cocoa Kisses.

The outside of the kiss is the same delicious milk chocolate you know and love, but the inside is something special. It’s marshmallow flavored cream! Just one kiss should seriously recreate the flavor of our favorite cup of hot cocoa with mini marshmallows mixed in.

This is the first time in 10 years that Hershey’s has released a new seasonal flavor. We think it was worth the wait.

Another seasonal flavor that Hershey’s is rereleasing for the holiday season is Hershey’s Christmas Candy Cane Kisses. This tried and true seasonal flavor combines white chocolate swirled with mint candy pieces. While this is not a new seasonal flavor, we think we need to pick up a bag of these too. Just  imagine eating a Candy Cane Kiss at the same time as a Hot Cocoa Kiss. We think it’s going to taste like peppermint hot cocoa.

Um, yeah, epic, right?

You don’t have to wait to enjoy the new Kisses. Both of these seasonal flavors have been on store shelves since November 1st, and if you’re a traditionalist, the regular milk chocolate kisses are there too all wrapped up in festive seasonal colors.

Since the Hot Cocoa Kisses are seasonal, that means they are only available for a limited time. We don’t know exactly how long they’ll be in stores, but we’re not taking any chances. Excuse us while we go make an emergency run to the grocery store.

Are you excited about the new Hot Cocoa Kisses? What’s your favorite seasonal flavor of Hershey’s Kisses?