Coke Releases Radical New Flavor – 1st New Flavor in a Decade

After testing new flavors for over two years Coke is releasing its first new flavor in over a decade: Orange-Vanilla Coke.

The new flavor was in limited release in Canada since last summer and is set to be released throughout the United States on Feb 25th.

The new flavor has been said to have an orange-creamsicle like flavor.

Coke hasn’t released a new flavor since the 2007 re-launch of Vanilla Coke which had been discontinued in 2002.

One reason the new Orange and Vanilla flavor combo was chosen is because the flavors are very common in cuisines worldwide.

We also speculate that a lot of people have fond memories of those summertime Orange Creamsicles bars.

Are you excited about the the new Orange Vanilla flavor?