A towering cake made of multiple tiers has been the standard dessert for wedding celebrations throughout time. Couples take their time to visit bakers for cake tastings and then spend lots of moolah on their choice.

When it comes to advice on shopping for a wedding cake, you’re told to consider the number of guests, flavor preferences, design, and size. But there’s a new piece of wisdom floating around now: opt for no cake at all.

You brides-to-be who just saw your beautiful dream cakes go up in a puff of powdered sugar, hold on. There are a couple of reasons why you may want to reconsider having a large cake take center stage at your reception. This video by Buzz60 lays those reasons out on the dessert table for you.

Number one: they don’t taste good. Freshness is an issue when it comes to these cakes. You may not know this, but cakes are often baked days to weeks in advance. Sometimes they’re frozen, sometimes not. Cakes can dry out during that period, losing flavor and moisture.

Oh, and that layer of fondant that many cakes are wrapped in looks great, but the taste is virtually nonexistent. So, you’re left asking yourself why you dished out all the cash for a cake that tastes like a. cardboard, b. bread, or c. _____ (use your own creative vocabulary here).

Another reason? Trends can lead you astray. While some folks are really into the rustic, naked cake thing, a frosting-free cake or one with icing that’s barely there can throw off the cake’s moisture and flavor profile. You don’t have to go heavy on the buttercream, but it helps!

What you can do is buck the wedding cake tradition by serving something else instead. Of late, cupcakes have become a wonderful alternative to large cakes. You can order them in assorted flavors with elegant decorations to complement your décor, and they won’t cost as much as a large cake.

Doughnuts are also becoming a popular choice. They can be displayed on tiers, fit nicely into one’s hands, and taste great! Other desserts that are perfectly portioned for individuals include macarons, cake pops, pie pops, cookies, whoopie pies, and mini pies.

You can stick with one choice or go totally unconventional with a dessert table that features all the sweets mentioned above plus candy, éclairs, cheesecakes, pies, or mini pastries. Fancy platters and towering stands can showcase your treats with style.

Ice cream is hitting home runs as another wedding dessert. Some couples set up a dessert station that offers soft-serve cones, sundae fixings, or gelato. Others serve mini cups of the cold treat following dinner.

If you must have cake, go small rather than big. You can go with one cake or a selection of small cakes that can accommodate your guests. No one says you have to have an extravagant tower of cake layers!

Keep watching the video to hear more about why you should skip the wedding cake for your big day. You may end up changing your mind for your own wedding!

What are your thoughts on big wedding cakes versus having none? Are you inspired to choose a different dessert for your wedding? What would you serve instead of cake?