Weddings can be extremely stressful, as anyone who has ever planned a wedding or helped plan a wedding can attest to. Between the flowers, the limo, the venue, the catering, the honeymoon – the list goes on and on – an engaged couple can easily lose their minds with the stress of it all. Not to mention the COST of it all. But, when it comes down it, a wedding is about two people celebrating their relationship and their commitment with their friends and family. And that’s a truly beautiful thing, easily forgotten in the madness of planning. It’s moments like this that make you remember that THIS is what weddings are all about: celebrating the fact that you found your person, with whom you can do silly, fun things…like surprise, choreographed dances. Watch the video below to see these newlyweds perform an amazing, adorable first dance!

The best part of all may be that this really seemed to be a surprise! Oftentimes, groomsmen or bridesmaids will gradually join in, and you’ll realize this was all a big planned flash mob all along. But in this case? The bride and groom obviously wanted this to be their special surprise moment!

When the first dance starts out, the bride and groom are slow dancing to the beautiful Brad Paisley song, “And I Thought I Loved You Then.” The bride and groom are all smiles, mouthing the words to each other and just basking in the glow of their special day.

And then, all of a sudden, the music changes. In fact, it sounds like the record is broken. But the crowd quickly realized they have a surprise first dance on their hands!

With an excellent song choice to back them up (“The Way You Make Me Feel,” by Michael Jackson) these newlyweds had no problem getting into the beat. And get into the beat they did.

Seriously, this is one talented couple. They’re obviously very in love and have a lot of fun together, but they also dance so well together! The groom in particular, who is also a Navy captain, has some serious dance moves up his sleeve.

Thanks to LittleThings for sharing this fun, impressive first wedding dance! We hope it made your day.