Navy Dad Surprises Daughter With ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Dance

Military families know that there’s nothing they look forward to more than when a deployed family member returns home. We’ve seen many amazing reunions that are made extra special when the military member plans a special surprise.

For example, one military son surprised his mother by returning home just in time for her wedding. She was in tears before she even walked down the aisle.

On another occasion, one Army soldier was deployed during the birth of his twins, who were born premature. He flew home without telling his wife and snuck up on her in the hospital while she was holding one of the sleeping babies.

There’s certainly something special when a military dad is reunited with his children. Brandon Richards is in the Navy and has to spend a lot of time away from his family. They never know exactly when he’ll be returning home. Days and times often change, and sometimes deployments get extended.

Since it’s always a little bit uncertain when Brandon will be returning home, he and his wife, Elizabeth, try to turn the uncertainty into a fun surprise for their children.

After being deployed for 6 months, it was time for Brandon to return home. Elizabeth came up with an idea that she knew would be very exciting for her daughter. She scoured the internet for a Beast costume that her husband could wear. After her husband returned home, she had the little girl dress up in a Belle dress and go to meet the Beast from “Beauty and the Beast.” She thought it was the real Beast.

The little girl seemed excited enough just having the opportunity to dance with the Beast. The two danced for a few minutes, and he spun her around. She didn’t suspect anything. Then, the Beast, got down on his knees so that his face was at her level, and he pulled off the Beast mask. She immediately gave her dad a big hug.

Brandon and Elizabeth also have a son, and they planned a special way to surprise him when his dad returned home too. In the video below, watch Brandon surprise his daughter while dressed as the Beast and see the super sweet way Brandon surprised his son.