When you think of touring bands, who’s the first group to come to your mind? Probably some of your favorites, right? But we bet you haven’t thought of the United States Navy!

Who? Oh, the U.S. Navy has its own musical battalion that includes an ensemble of singers called the Sea Chanters. As you watch the performance in this video, you’ll get to hear songs from the Broadway Musical, Jersey Boys, invoking a sense of nostalgia – if you recognize it.

Based on the life and times of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, the award-winning play features songs from the group’s catalog of hits such as Sherry Baby, Big Girls Don’t Cry, and Rag Doll. The Sea Chanters’ cheerful medley gets the crowd moving with all the right notes.

According to the U.S. Navy Band’s website, the Sea Chanters have been rocking since the 1950s when they were first assembled by Lieutenant Harold Fultz to do some songs for a state function. They were then taken over by an admiral and turned into an all-male chorus, singing maritime ditties for entertainment.

By the ‘80s, women were added to the lineup, as were songs from various genres including classical, jazz, and rock. In addition to singing popular songs, the Sea Chanters continue to perform patriotic and spiritual tunes for the masses. They are frequently seen performing at national events and memorials.

What you see in this clip is a show at Concerts on the Avenue at the U.S. Navy Memorial. It starts off with Sherry Baby, and you’ll see some folks having a ball while dancing in the audience. If you’re not too absorbed in the music yourself, check out the little kids jamming to Big Girls Don’t Cry! Doesn’t this prove that some music is absolutely timeless?

One of the biggest highlights of this concert was during Rag Doll, when the lead singer sang to and danced with the master chief who was seated in the front row. The way these singers harmonize is incredible and they’re so talented that they’ve performed with the likes of Lionel Richie and Kenny Rogers.

Since it was shared in 2015, this video has racked up over 5 million views on YouTube. Fans of Frankie Valli and the Jersey Boys Broadway show appreciate the ode to the original group’s music. Click on this video to watch the entire lively performance and you’ll probably have a hard time not singing or dancing along.

The Sea Chanters stay busy touring around the country, so if you get the opportunity to see them in your town, go! If you’re really digging their sound and want to hear them at the press of a button, you can check out and purchase their recorded music through the Navy band’s website.

Be sure to watch this extended clip; some of you may find yourselves wishing it was longer. Enjoy!

Did you know about the Sea Chanters and the U.S. Navy Band? Are you loving their routine in this video? Which song is your favorite?