Mom Decides to Have a Natural Cesarean. Baby Practically Delivers Himself.

If you are a parent who has experienced the miracle that is childbirth, then you know all-too-well how daunting of a prospect it can be, especially when confronted with a possible cesarean section .

There are multiple reasons why more moms are shying away from c-sections these days, including positive ones like a heightened public awareness of natural birth benefits, to not-so-positive ones, like women being shamed for undergoing the procedure.

Yep, you read that right– women have actually reported being publicly-shamed for their birthing plans. Terrible!

No matter what your stance may be, it’s important to note that cesarean sections are not always the impersonal, drug-fuelled surgeries that naysayers make them out to be. In fact, c-sections come with a host of pretty surprising gray areas.

Take the question of “delivery,” for instance. Before viewing today’s video, we always thought that the baby would be extracted by the surgeon during the c-section, but, as it turns out, it doesn’t always go down like that.

In the clip, mom Sarah Cooke shows us that, after the initial cut was made, her baby son literally “delivered himself” out of her incision. His determination is obviously a fairly rare occurrence because the many health professionals in the room were quite surprised by the baby’s speed and grace in making his appearance into the world.

“Yep, he’s actually delivering himself,” one nurse remarks as the infant attempts to push his lower-body through the incision. Never thought we would ever hear those words during a c-section!

The science behind a “natural” cesarean section

While natural c-sections are not necessarily on the lips of all OB/GYNs, we think it’s important for soon-to-be mom and dads to know that it is, in fact, an option.

In a study entitled “The natural cesarean: a woman-centered technique,” researchers explain that this particular method of childbirth is a win-win for both mother and child, as it both mimics a natural birth and enables faster skin-to-skin contact than a standard c-section. Here’s how it works…

After the uterine incision is made, the infant’s head pushes through the opening. Once he or she is peeking out, the medical staff will wait until the baby takes their first breaths.

Within several seconds, the little one should start crying, and that is when the surgeon will ease the baby’s shoulders out. More often than not, the baby will deliver its own upper half in what is known as “an expansive gesture.”

This method, which is most commonly known as “walking the baby out,” seems to be a great alternative to the highly-invasive, traditional c-section. The gentler process is also intended to minimize bleeding in the uterine incision, which could mean a faster, less painful recovery for the mother. Incredible stuff!

So, without further ado, it’s time for you to watch this incredible natural cesarean section for yourself. And for those of you who may be on the squeamish side, no need to worry– this clip is completely blood-free and is perhaps the cleanest birth we’ve ever seen. Good to know, especially if you’re eating your lunch!

We can’t wait to hear your take on this natural cesarean section. Were you surprised to hear that such a procedure exists? Did you have one yourself? Do you have any regrets in regards to your childbirth experience?